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Moorlands Electricity Distribution Services Ltd

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Professional Expertise to the Electricity Utility Market

Moorlands Electricity Distribution Services Ltd was formed in 2010 to provide professional expertise to the electricity utility market in the UK. We are based in the North Staffordshire area and consist of a number of fully trained field operatives to work on both overhead and underground Electricity distribution networks operating within the UK.

As we have grown and developed as a business we have diversified and also operate under the trading name of MEDS Utilities Ltd whereby we have become a provider of vital multi-technical services to the Telecommunications industry and to the Utility Arborist Maintenance industry. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a pre-eminent provider of full turnkey services to the Electricity and Telecommunication industry by year on year consistently improving the quality of our products, services and employees. Up to date training and personal improvement of our staff is paramount, which in turn will have a positive effect on our skill set as a business. This will help to ensure that work is completed to the highest levels of safety and technical excellence at all times. We believe we can offer professionalism, integrity, quality and commitment and by working closely with our customers we can ensure contracts are carried out efficiently, within budget and on time.

Health & Safety and the Protection of the Environment

MEDS Utilities prioritises Health and Safety and the Protection of the Environment as our main concerns within our business and like all other activities within our company it is something which must be actively managed. We work hard collectively to create a positive safety culture within all of our projects and work activities by communicating regularly with our staff and actively encourage opinions which they may have on how we may be able to improve any of our working practises or preventive methods as we move forward. We aim to create a mutual trust, by shared perceptions of the importance of Safety, to achieve the highest safety levels at all times. We understand and recognise that we have a corporate responsibility to the environment and that our operations have a direct and indirect environmental impact. So we minimize this by operating in an environmentally responsible manner at all times.

Key Services

SAP & Project Management

Senior Authorised Person (SAP) and project management up to 11KV


Vegetation Management

Management of overgrown trees in close proximity to overhead power lines.


Electricity Overhead Line

Our Overhead Linesmen offer overhead line construction, rebuild and refurbishment H.V and L.V


Jointing Services

Jointing solutions to electricity distribution network operators & their service providers.

Moorlands Electricity Distribution Services Ltd

Based in the North Staffordshire area, we provide professional expertise to the electricity utility market in the UK. 


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